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New Product Announcement:
Jordan TOF Products, Inc., is pleased to introduce: Orthogo-TOF
Orthogonal Acceleration/Extraction TOF (oaTOF)

Download drawing (pdf)

Instrument Features:

Designed specifically to do TOFMS with ions created from an external source.

Modular. Easy to maintain, upgrade.

Existing Jordan TOF instruments can be easily retrofitted to Orthogo-TOF.

Designed to work with virtually any source of externally generated ions.

Extraction region is differentially pumped. Two orders of magnitude of vacuum differential from chamber to extraction source/flight tube can be obtained with a relatively small turbo pump on flight tube sideport (250 lps typical).

Flight tube can be rotated to one of four positions for desired sideport/pump location, and still maintain proper reflector alignment.

Can be used in both linear and reflected modes (oaTOF and oaRETOF).

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Our Time Of Flight (TOF) mass spectrometer components are designed to generate, store, separate and detect ions. They are designed to be used as components in specialized TOF mass spectrometry experiments using laser ablation, desorption or electron bombardment ionization. A stand alone TOF mass spectrometer can be created by adding vacuum pumps, laser, data acquisition, etc. Standard UHV flanges, components and construction techniques are used throughout. This gives design flexibility and allows later changes if desired.

It is necessary for the customer to purchase vacuum pumps, laser windows, data systems and power supplies (in excess of 5KV). This may be troublesome and time consuming, however, this disadvantage is offset by a considerable cost savings. A chamber can be furnished to mate with the user's vacuum system flange, or the instrument can be modified to fit into the user's existing vacuum chamber. Custom Time Of Flight (TOF) Mass Spectrometer configurations are available.

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