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Designed to handle the fast ion pulses provided by our linear and reflectron Time Of Flight Mass Spectrometers. The MCP Microchannel Plate Detector has a 50 ohm coaxial output and provides high gain (10e6 to 10e7) with sub-nanosecond rise time. It is fitted with SHV coaxial UHV feed thrus that can be operated from external power supplies or voltage dividers. All of our MCP Microchannel Plate Detectors are fitted with a 90% transparency input grid. This presents a flat, field free plane to the incoming ions. The input grid has its own SHV feedthru and can be operated at any potential. A shorting cap is provided for operation at ground potential.

Dual MCP Microchannel Plate Detector

18mm Dual Microchannel Plate Detector Manual (PDF) Click on link to open
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Filesize: approx. 2.6 MB.
Manual includes specifications, operation, and maintenance procedures for the 18mm Dual Microchannel Plate Detector.


Our MCP Microchannel Plate Detectors are UHV ultra high vacuum compatible and can be baked to 300 degrees C.

In the dual (chevron) configuration two microchannel plates are used. Replacement microchannel plates for the detectors are available from at least three different vendors.

Microchannel plates are available as replacement parts for Jordan TOF Products detectors only. There is no warranty. Customer assumes all risks for breakage. If you wish to purchase channel plates for any other purpose, you must go to the manufacturer: Burle Electro-Optics, Inc. All plates are detection grade and have a 40:1 L/D ratio. The part numbers are as follows:

Active Diameter:

Channel Dia / Spacing / Bias Angle:

Burle Part #










The 18mm and 25mm MCP Microchannel Plate Detectors are shipped mounted on a 4½ ICF or larger conflat flange. They are baked and pinched off in their own vacuum housing and have an unlimited shelf life.

The 40mm MCP Microchannel Plate Detector comes mounted on a 6 ICF or larger conflat flange and is also baked and pinched off under vacuum.

MCP Microchannel Plate Detector Price List

Triple (Zgap) MCP Microchannel Plate Detector

High Sensitivity MCP Microchannel Plate Detectors (Z-gap)

A special three plate MCP Microchannel Plate Detector is also available for detecting small signals. The addition of the third plate offers higher gain (10e9 to10e11) and a higher input voltage.

Also fitted with an input grid, the Z-gap MCP Microchannel Plate Detector provides incoming ions with a post acceleration voltage of nearly -5KV.

Z-gap MCP Microchannel Plate Detectors are available with 18mm, 25mm or 40mm Microchannel Plates.

And as with all of our products, custom configurations are available.


Click here to view the manual for the 25mm (Z-gap) MCP Microchannel Plate Detector

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